Custom Home Storage Solutions for Your Hobby Room

Let’s face it: hobbies get disorganized, quickly. Whether your hobby is knitting, woodworking, or assembling puzzles, there’s probably more you could be doing to keep your hobby room organized. If you want to get the most out of your hobby space, consider these tips.
Look for Hobby-Specific Organizers
Before you do anything, look for organizers that are specific to your hobby. If you need a lot with hand tools, look for wall hanging systems like a slatted wall system or pegboard to hang them. For those who knit and crochet, there are specialty organizers for yarn. A hobby-specific organizer is going to be much better at keeping your supplies and equipment organized than a generic organizer.
Consider the Cubby
Hobbies usually get messy because there’s a lot to keep track of. Consider a leatherworker: there are hand tools, leather, grommets, and all sorts of other supplies that need to be sorted and managed. Consider cubbies. Cubbies provide ample space for organization, and with bins, they can help keep clutter out of view. A built-in cubby system can give you all the storage space you need.
Customize Your Storage Around Your Work
If you’re an artist, it’s helpful to have a place for your easel. If you make vases, you’ll want space for your potter’s wheel. Don’t forget to adapt your storage to your work. Tables that have built-in storage for the tools that you most often need to access or workbenches with storage for the supplies you need on-the-fly, help you create storage without eating up floor space. A custom-built desk or workspace can be the perfect solution to organize your hobby room and make it more efficient.
Take Advantage of the Unused Spaces
Custom storage is often about utilizing previously unused space, and built-in storage is an excellent way to achieve that. Do you have a small, narrow closet? You can use pullout shelving or a lazy susan to make better use of that space. Do you need an area for larger items that you don’t frequently need? Bench seating can easily be turned into additional storage. Installing shelves along walls is a great way to take advantage of unused vertical space without interfering with the amount of room that you have.
Need Some Help?
It’s time to get your hobby room organized. If you have a hobby room that you need developed, contact the professionals. At Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, we can create a custom design for the hobby room of your dreams. Proudly serving the greater Boston Metrowest area for over 20 years!
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