Closet Organization Ideas for Big and Small Spaces

Closets can get pretty hectic and actually finding a storage system that works takes time and effort. Thats why were so excited to share with you today some closet organization ideas that we find useful and inspiring in the hopes that theyll make a difference in your life. Mix and match the ideas that suit you best or come up with ways to improve them to create your own perfect closet design.

Closet island

Just like kitchens, walk-in closets and dressing rooms can have islands. A closet island can offer extra storage and can be a place where you can gather all your little knick-knacks and accessories and organize them so you can keep the walls free of clutter.

High ceiling shelves

A high ceiling means more storage space. In the case of a closet, high shelves can hold seasonal items or any items that you only use rarely such as skates, sports gear, winter boots during summer and other things. This particular walk-in closet was designed by Organized Living.

Behind closed doors

Hide all the clothing racks and open shelves behind sliding doors to give the rest of the space a more airy and organized look. To still maintain a visual connection you can opt for frosted or textured glass doors. This custom system created by Capitol Closet Design also offers other inspiring ideas such as the island and bench combo.

Vanity table with storage

A vanity table is definitely a nice feature for a walk-in closet. This one is integrated into a custom unit and features lots of storage on either side as well as above it. The center section has a large mirror framed by sconces.

Shoe organizer

If you have a large collection of shoes you might as well find a proper way of storing them. It might be cool to also put everything on display. Would an entire wall full of cubbies be too much? Its an idea that we got from this really cool design created for a contemporary closet.

Mirrored doors

This is a really great way of adding mirrors to a closet without taking up space. The mirrors can be integrated into the closet doors or used as fronts for the drawers as a way to make the space appear larger than it actually is. This is also a design trick you can use in other spaces as well.

Storage for handbags

Your closet might also need a designated storage area for all the handbags and/or backpacks. This walk-in closet designed by Tim Wood features a really cool and also very simple storage system.

LED lights on shelves

In addition to looking cool, these LED light strips also have a practical use as they light up the shelves and eliminate the need for other types of task lighting or even for a ceiling fixture.

Labeled baskets

Labeling things can really help with organization. For certain types of items theres no need for labels but if youre using baskets to organize smaller items in your closet then consider something like this. Theyre not just practical but also stylish. Check out asouthernbucket for details.

Rattan baskets

Another idea is to use simple rattan baskets to organize your closet. They can hold things like towels, gloves, scarves or small items in general. Keep them on shelves, directly on the floor or wherever else theres room. Other types of containers would be just as practical but we feel like rattan baskets add a nice touch to the closets decor.

Jewelry compartments

This custom design created by California Closets has special compartments inside the drawers for jewelry. You could add a similar storage system for your watches, ties or belts which would make a lot of sense in a walk-in closet. Of course, you can also choose to organize your jewelry in a different way or to keep it somewhere else which is just as good.

Zero wasted space

A small closet can be packed full with lots of storage and the secret is to choose your priorities and to use every little bit of space so nothing is wasted. A nice example is this organization idea featured on thechroniclesofhome which includes a DIY scarf hanger.

Boot organizer

There are actually very few practical ways to store and organize boots which limits your options but doesnt make closet organization impossible. This boot storage rack is a very good option and you can actually build something similar yourself if you ever find the time for it.

Pull-down rod

This clever little system lets you place your clothing racks and rods as high as you want because youll still be able to reach them comfortably. This could actually make a different when you design your closet because it means fewer limitations and more options and ideas you can explore.

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