7 Things That Professional Organizers Wouldn’t Actually Buy

To get the very best advice, including advice about getting more organized, it’s always wise to consult a professional. Because who better understands how to conquer clutter and keep things tidy and organized than those who do it for a living?

Watching professionals help people on shows like Hot Mess House and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo can be a great way to get motivated about organizing your own home. But without the knowledge and experience to know which products are helpful and which aren’t, you could easily end up wasting money at IKEA or The Container Store on things you won’t actually use!

While there are hundreds of organizational products out there to choose from, experts know that not all of them are worth your money. In today’s post, we’ll be looking at 7 specific types of organizers you’ll probably never see on your favorite organizing shows, because professionals know not to buy them!
7 Things That Professional Organizers Never Buy 1. Filing Cabinets
Businesses may use filing cabinets to keep their paperwork and records organized, but the average family doesn’t need a whole cabinet to house their important documents. Opt for file boxes instead, and make sure to go through the contents regularly to make sure you’re only keeping what you actually need.

The nice thing about file boxes is that it gives you the freedom to add or subtract boxes over time, and even re-label them as your filing system evolves. If you could use a good paper organizing system to help you get started with (or to start over with), check out my simple guide to organizing paperwork.
2. Countertop Spice Racks
Tall, decorative spice towers may look nice, but just like filing cabinets, they’re usually more than the average family needs. Unless you’re a gourmet chef, you probably don’t need dozens of different spices within arm’s reach!

Instead, keep your spice jars in a cabinet, either on a tiered rack or corralled in a small cake pan. You’ll save valuable countertop space and your spices will still be easily accessible.
3. Round Storage Containers
I love the look of round storage jars as much as the next person, but even I can admit that they aren’t the smartest choice in situations where storage space is limited. Rectangular or square containers usually make better use of storage space, because they stack well and sit nicely side-by-side.

While I can’t convince myself to give up all my round glass jars just yet, I have come around to square and rectangular food storage containers for the most part. (I actually found a set I liked so much that I wrote this blog post about it!)
4. Opaque Storage Containers
Another no-no when it comes to storage containers is choosing ones you can’t see into. Not only do opaque containers require you to label every last one in order to know what’s inside, but you also have to remove the lid and peer inside in order to check how much you have left.

Clear containers are a lot more practical, both because you don’t always have to label them, and because a quick glance is enough to let you know what you need to restock!
5. Paper Trays
Having a tray for paperwork isn’t an inherently bad idea, but they may end up encouraging paper clutter rather than solving it. Instead of letting paperwork and mail accumulate in paper trays, try to deal with it right away.

Place coupons in your purse, bills in a file folder, and put everything else in your paper shredder or recycling bin. Much tidier!
6. Multiple Types Of Food Storage Containers
There are few things more frustrating than having 8 different types of food containers for leftovers and 7 different lids that never seem to fit any of them! Instead of having several containers in different styles, choose one style (preferably a set that stacks and nests neatly) and stick with it!
7. Shoe Organizers That Sit On The Floor
Shoe organizers that sit on the floor of your closet have one major drawback: it’s too dark down there for you to be able to actually see your shoes (or they may be obscured by the clothes hanging above them!) Instead, keep shoes closer to eye level by choosing a shoe organizer that hangs from the rod in your closet or over the back of the door.

Have you bought any organizers that didn’t end up being very useful?
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