16 weird things on Amazon that solve everyday problem


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The way we look at it, you have one of two choices in life: You can fill your Amazon cart up with things you don’t need (did someone say more Lululemon dupes?), or you can fill it up with things that will drastically improve your life in ways you didn’t even realize you needed.

We’re here for the latter, and think it's time to eliminate some of those pesky, day-to-day nuisances that you put up with just because. And if you’re stuck scratching your head wondering how, rest assured: We’ve rounded up 16 Amazon picks for out-of-the-box solutions to your everyday woes.
1. A desk lamp that mimics natural light Credit: Miroco
Bask in the sunlight all year long.

Listen, we get it: it might technically be spring, but we're still cold all day. Even if it’s not physically cold where you are, this time of year just feels cold—let alone in 2021, when we’re all shuttered indoors. Our answer to the blues? The Miroco Light Therapy Lamp, a.k.a. your new favorite WFH accessory. More than 13,000 reviewers agree that this UV-free, minimalist light is the key to make it through to summer with your sanity intact.

Get the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp for $39.99
2. A pack of reusable beeswax wrappers Credit: Bee’s Wrap
Make the food in your fridge as stylish as the rest of your kitchen.

It’s a wonder how in 2021, we’re still stuck using the same painfully difficult saran wrap. The internet has graced us with many alternatives in recent years, but nothing has quite replaced the convenience of wrapping things up in it (even if the static cling is one of the kitchen’s greatest annoyances). A small company from Vermont may just have the sustainable solution: Bee’s Wrap. Made out of sustainable, ethically-sourced beeswax, these wrap packs are under $20 and can be used for an entire year, both saving you money and helping the environment.

Get the Bee’s Wrap, Set of 3 for $18
3. A car gap filler with a handy bonus feature Credit: Power Tiger
Now, you can catch your fallen french fries in your car charger.

If you’ve ever spent a weekend binging Shark Tank, you’ve likely come across the Drop Stop, one of the show’s greatest success stories. While we’re big fans of the OG version, we’ve found something a little more practical in the Power Tiger Console Organizer. This luxe leather car accessory does more than save your phone from the depths of your driver’s seat as it also features two USB ports and an additional cup holder. Gone are the days of calling dibs on the car charger.

Get the Power Tiger Console Organizer for $13.99
4. This lotion applicator you never knew you needed Credit: Steugo
Moisturize your back and get a little arm workout in.

Single people, listen up: If you don’t have someone to rub lotion on your back this year, don’t worry. This lotion applicator will be that special someone in the meantime. While it’s intended for self-tanner, nearly 3,000 reviewers have shared that it’s even better for applying lotion in those hard-to-reach spots. The dual-handle design makes the product super easy to use, and the soft suede could even make even your Dollar Tree lotions a luxurious experience. The best part? You can toss it in the wash when you’re done.

Get the Steugo Back Buddy Lotion Applicator for $7.97
5. This filter that claims to help you avoid a hangover Credit: PureWine
This is the sign you’re looking for: Grab the double bottle.

Girl’s night, even if it’s over Zoom, calls for one thing and one thing only: wine. Lots of wine. Sadly, even if you do spring for the expensive stuff, you might be in for a rocky morning. But instead of skipping your third glass of wine, you can skip the headache with these wine wands. Simply swish one of the single-use filters in your next glass of red to eliminate the sulfites, histamines, and—at least according to some reviewers—the inevitable hangover.

Get the Wand Wine Purifier, 8 Pack for $19.99
6. Soap sheets to wash your hands in a pinch Credit: Kiseer
It’s like a pack of tissues, but for soap.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that you should always wash your hands—and thoroughly, at that. While most businesses have kept up with COVID-19 protocols, you’re bound to encounter a broken soap dispenser here and there. Even worse, you may just run into hand sanitizer that smells like straight tequila—which, no thank you. That’s why we’re buying these Kiseer Soap Paper Sheets in bulk.

When you need to leave your house, you can do it with some peace of mind, knowing you can easily wash your hands with a bit of water and one of these magic pieces of paper. Plus, they’re purse-friendly and won’t leak all over your newest handbag (we’re looking at you, Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer!).

Get the Kisser Soap Paper Sheets, 4 Pack for $8.99
7. These foil stickers to reuse your Nespresso pods Credit: Geesta
Shhh, don’t tell Nespresso.

If you recently bought into the Nespresso craze (it is our favorite single-serve coffee maker, after all), we’re here to save you a pretty penny. Coffee fanatics swear by these Geesta Aluminum Seals, which can turn any used Nespresso pod into a reusable vehicle for any fresh ground espresso. One reviewer even asked if they can buy the designer a cup of coffee—that’s how you know these are the real deal.

Get the Geesta Aluminum Foil Seals, 80 Pack for $25.99
8. Keychains to help you finish a tube of chapstick Credit: M&C Music Color
These are the key to finishing off your Burt’s Bees.

Whether you’re team liquid lipstick or team Carmex, we’re willing to bet that you’ve never finished a tube before losing track of it. That’s where these M&C Chapstick Holders come in handy. Toss your favorite lip product in the neoprene sleeve (we’re partial to the marble one), clip it onto your keys, and you’ll never lose sight of your lip balm again.

Get the M&C Neoprene Chapstick Holder Keychains for $6.99
9. This tray to turn your Peloton into a WFH dream Credit: Spintray
Don’t wait until after working hours to get on your Peloton.

Most people spring for the Peloton to get the spin class experience at home: the adrenaline-pumping music, energetic instructors, and out-of-saddle workout are pretty standard in any Peloton commercial, after all. But did you know you could make your bike even more functional by turning it into a desk? This sleek, acrylic piece attaches to the original Bike, but not the Bike+. Now you can go for a slow-paced, scenic ride during your next Zoom meeting—you’ll thank us later.

Get the Spintray for $53.99
10. This low profile laptop stand to help you work comfortably Credit: Moft
Goodbye, desk clutter, and hello, improved posture!

Standing desks are all the rage right now, and for good reason—they’re the perfect solution to the at-home job slump. That being said, not everyone wants to work standing up but still wants the ergonomic benefits of it. This adhesive, folding laptop stand from Moft adds some nice elevation. It’s minimalist but adds just the right amount of support to turn your laptop into an enjoyable workstation, no matter where you are.

Get the Moft Invisible Slim Laptop Stand for $24.99
11. This super modern fire pit to add in any backyard Credit: Solo Stove
S’mores in the city? Yes, please.

I first heard about the Solo Stove from a colleague of mine, who lived on a crowded Boston street and was craving the full s’mores experience at the end of the summer. Her answer? The Solo Stove, which boasts more than 1,000 glowing reviews on Amazon. The stainless steel, portable fire pit is smoke and gas-free, making it an ultra-convenient (and ultra-chic) solution to any sudden s’mores emergency.

Get the Solo Stove Bonfire for $299.99
12. Clothing dividers that make laundry day a breeze Credit: EZSTAX
All those years working retail are paying off after all!

We’re not sure there’s anything worse than having a neatly folded pile of clothes, only to topple it over because you just had to grab the shirt conveniently wedged in the middle. Start your spring cleaning early with these EZSTAX Closet Organizers. Sure, it’ll take some time to fold and place each of your tops into the plastic boards—but as more than 3,000 shoppers point out, at about a dollar a sleeve, these are bound to change your closet game for good.

Get the EZSTAX Closet Organizer, 20 Pack for $27.99
13. This simple lighter for your candle obsession Credit: Ronxs
This gadget is the light of our lives.

Did you stock up at Bath & Body Works’ latest 3-wick candle sale, but forget the lighters? Instead of running to grab another pack of BICs, just order this Ronxs Electric Lighter. This electric lighter has a bendable neck that makes lighting candles easy (and burn-free), and you’ll never have to scramble to find a fresh lighter again. One hour-long charge provides more than 500 uses.

Get the Ronxs Electric USB Lighter for $10.99
14. A mirror that doubles as a selfie station and storage Credit: Nicetree
The LEDs on this mirror just scream “new profile picture.”

Untangling a pile of jewelry or taking a poorly lit selfie—which is worse? Luckily, this Nicetree LED Mirror Cabinet solves both of those high-maintenance snags. Most reviewers gave this storage solution 4 stars or above. It’s great for double-checking your outfit, and it also has a lock to keep your valuables safely stored away when you’re out.

Get the Nicetree LED Mirror Jewelry Cabinet for $90.99
15. This bag sealer to keep your snacks fresh Credit: Longzon
Leave the stale chips in 2020.

One too many handfuls of Doritos during your midnight trip to the kitchen? We have good news: You can make it look like it never even happened with this bag sealer, which reseals your bags using heat, keeping the freshness in. Plus, it’s way easier to store in your drawer than a handful of clunky bag clips that you end up losing anyway.

Get the Longzon Mini Portable Sealer for $11.99
16. A lunch box that's also a portable hot plate Credit: Travelisimo
Elevate your office lunch game.

If you’re heading into your workplace anytime soon, the thought of using the community microwave is probably enough to give you the shudders. Equally as unenjoyable, though? A cold lunch—a human can only have so many salads. Instead, bring a homemade meal into the office in this Travelisimo Electric Lunch Box. Just plug it into a spare outlet to fully warm up your lunch (or your scrambled eggs and home fries, as one reviewer raves) in no time.

Get the Travelisimo Electric Lunch Box for $39.99

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